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Sint Maarten by WorldsEdge

This artwork is trully well painted, it is not only evocative of the woodcuts and engravings of old but visually appealing, it even has...




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I love to draw since I have memory... But, as I'm a historian on my own, I love to draw historical scenes and characters, trying to bring them to life. I use few digital programs as Corel, GIMP, and MyPaint for my artworks but I'm far more skilled drawing by hand, being the pencil my favoured tool. Maybe I don't choose trully popular, or known, themes for my artworks, but I don't really care. I hope everyone who visit this page will at least like some of my few "paintures".
Thanks for reading!

And leave comments! I'm also open to criticism.

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Otto I offers Liutgarde as a token of peace to Conrad the Red, duke of Lorraine
Liutgarde is offered as a token of peace to Conrad by Oznerol-1516
Otto I, german emperor, son of Henry the Fawler, true founder of Ottonids, had a glorious reign, unifying the country, defeating it's enemies, the magyars, extending his power onto Italy and being crowned Holy Roman Emperor in Rome by the Pope. One of the most defying nobles to his authority was Conrad, the Red, duke of Lorraine. After waging many skirmishes and conflicts both signed the peace, and such he was offered in 947 the emperor's daugther as bride. From their union would come the Salian dinasty, and such the Ottonid survived, by female inheritance. Their robes are done after ottonid miniatures, jewelry and art. The emperor's attire has a lot of carolingian elements, as he chosed to appear in "frankish" dress at his coronation. Liutgarde wears a typical womanly, but royal, dress, with her head covered, and crowned (not only ottonid, but anglo-saxon art proved to be useful here). The emperor's sword follows the surviving examples we have from that period.
Above Otto's heard is his monogram (OTTO), the two others have their name in somewhat ottonid calligraphic style, copied from a privilege issued by Otto.
Liutgarde is frigthful, for his marrigae to the fearsome and rebellious duke, and such I tried to depict her face! While Otto is not trully convinced by the alliance and Conrad is eager to take his bride's hand.

This was done as a comission (my first ever) for LordHadrian, a fellow deviantartist. Hope you all like it. 10 eu was paid, based the price being three characters (3 eu each), plus 1 for doing it.



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Master Oznerol, it just struck me that I could not remember whether or not I had mentioned my belief that Mr Robert Harris' Imperium and Lustrum make an excellent tonic to Masters of Rome should you grow weary of Ms. McCullough's Caesarean tendencies and tendency to willingly worship her Hero almost as ardently as Imperial Rome was obliged to by Caesar Octavianus.

 They're rather good thrillers in their own right to boot and better yet focus on dear old Marcus Tullius Cicero, that politician of politicians and voice of Republican Rome; to say that Caesar is brought more fully into what I consider to be the proper perspective is putting things mildly!
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